2006-2007 Binding Review

30 Aug, 2007

This review will be updated throughout the season as I demo and test more 06/07 bindings. Each review is judged by the same standard and for the majority of reviews I used my own boots (some exceptions).

About me as a snowboarder:

  • I’m coming up on my 12th season snowboarding: 11 seasons in the NW and 1 season in Colorado.
  • I am a freerider (I ride trees, powder, steeps, groomers, natural terrain) and I ride halfpipe.
  • I am 5’6″ and typically ride a 158cm for my all mountain board, my powder board is a 161 or 164cm and my park board is a 155cm. I weigh about 200lbs give or take.
  • I am a regular rider with a 22 inch width, +15, -15 stance angles.
  • I wear size 8 womens snowboard boots and feel comfortable riding both men’s and women’s bindings.

My opinion is only my opinion…of how these bindings rode. Take it as you want. If you are looking for more binding reviews, go here

2006-2007 Binding Review

This list goes by brand alphabetically.

06-07 Atomic Mai Tai’s: I took these out during the Whistler demo back in April 2006. I got a bigger size than I needed so my foot shifted while riding, but the straps are solid. The toestrap worked as a capstrap or regular and the heelstrap was pretty comfy. The only thing that I thought would be wierd is the highback design but I didn’t even notice that once I took them on snow.

Retails for: $166
Best for: Any level women rider looking for an all-around binding with response and comfort.

06-07 Burton P1: These are men’s bindings but they fit my boots surprising well. The toe cap wasn’t bad, held my foot secure and offered decent support. The high back worked with me and was solid in flex, gave a good response during riding.

Retails for: $259.99
Best for: All-mountain freestyle for men or women

06-07 Flow NXT-AT: These bindings were awesome, easy to adjust with the new ratchets and were lighter than past Flow’s. They rode great, in fact I didn’t even notice them being different because they are a binding once dialed…you just ride and don’t feel them. Getting used to getting in and out was my only issue but after I had done it a couple times it was fine. My bindings haven’t had any issues with the pod during riding. They are not the bindings that I use during the 2ft powder dumps but more hard packed groomed days.

Retails for: $269
Best for: Groomed days on the mountain in the park or freeriding.

06-07 K2 Cinch Cameo: I knew they weren’t dialed when I had the chance to demo them at Winter Park. They still had some small changes to make but even then…it was a decent womens binding. Smooth, very stable during higher speeds and solid for freeriding. I only felt some small pressure points on my boots from the bindings straps and this was fixed in the 07-08 mods. The cinch system for me was a lot easier to get used to and I didn’t have any problems with the rear entry system.

Retails for: $189
Best for: Women who want a solid binding with the ease.

06-07 Ride Sigma’s: I typically give my old bindings away so this fall when I knew there was no way I was going to get the Madison’s in time for opening of the early season here in Colorado at A Basin and Loveland… I had to settle for what I could get in stock and in time…and guess what…no dva’s or vxns available to ship right away…so it came down to the sigma’s. I don’t regret my choice for one day. After many countless days on these bindings, they still rock. Responsive, light, the ratchets are solid, super comfortable with toe strap that I rock as a toe strap but I can rock Cap…the heel strap is solid but has give to it. The highback torsionally softer but has give to it. It’s in the top two bindings for women that I rode this year.

Retails for: $189.95
Best for: One of the best womens bindings for all mountain freestyle.

06-07 Ride DVA: This is the one binding of the year that the ratchets were pain in the asses for me, I was seriously punching the binding with the intent of killing it in order to release the bindings to get out. Too much stickiness. The high back is stiffer than the sigma’s and it’s definitely a more advanced freeride specific binding for women. I would have liked it if the ratchets were better.

Retails for: $209.95
Best for: Women freeriders who plan never to unstrap their bindings

06-07 Rome Madisons: I bought these in January 2007 and from then on…these were my main bindings. The first couple weeks during the break-in period were interesting. One complaint which seems to have been fixed was the toestrap where the leather would hold the strap…for the first couple times it was hard to get the strap in the right location. Once I had these bindings dialed, they excelled everywhere I took them. The binding is torsionally soft but really forgiving for women riders and the straps are very comfortable. The straps are dual so you can rock them toe or regular strap. I really have no complaints with these bindings and I plan to pick up the 07-08’s which I’ll post why I like those as well in my review.

Retails for: $190
Best for: Everything a women can ride on the mountain.

06-07 Salomon Relay-E’s: These are decent bindings for women. I think they still need some work and fine-tuning to be as good as their male counterparts. I thought they had decent support, but I didn’t like the straps in terms of comfort. The heel strap created pressure on my boot and it wasn’t the good kind. The toe strap was simple but okay. I definitely will try them again.

Retals for: $239
Best for: Up and coming women riders who want a binding to develop with.

06-07 Technine Black Brand: These bindings really impressed me by how comfortable with the capstrap, the heelstrap and the binding overall. The most comfy binding I rode for the day, no pressure points and the capstrap was solid.

Retails for: $169.95
Best for: Another solid all mountain freestyle binding for women looking for capstraps.

06-07 Union Data: the bindings were basic and i’d rock them mostly because they were basic and cheap. Nothing special but a decent binding nevertheless.

Retails for: $239
Best for: Entry level riders looking for the basics.

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