2007-2008 Binding Review

01 Sep, 2007

This review will be updated throughout the season as I demo and test more 07/08 snowboards. Each review is judged by the same standard and for the majority of reviews I used my own boots (some exceptions).

About me as a snowboarder:

  • I’m coming up on my 13th season snowboarding: 11 seasons in the NW and 2 seasons in Colorado.
  • I am a freerider (I ride trees, powder, steeps, groomers, natural terrain) and I ride halfpipe.
  • I am 5’6″ and typically ride a 158cm for my all mountain board, my powder board is a 161 or 164cm and my park board is a 155cm. I weigh about 200lbs give or take.
  • I am a regular rider with a 22 inch width, +15, -15 stance angles.
  • I wear size 8 womens snowboard boots and feel comfortable riding both men’s and women’s bindings.

My opinion is only my opinion…of how these bindings rode. Take it as you want. If you are looking for more binding reviews, go here

2007-2008 Binding Review

This list goes by brand alphabetically.

07-08 Burton Lexa: They were very comfortable, the straps fit my boots, were comfortable and easy to adjust. I had to spend some time to pull out a strap so it would adjust right to my boot and it took 1 minute to get it done. The cap strap adjusted perfectly to my boot and were very responsive. Overall I really liked how the binding handled and it’s a binding that any woman could rock anywhere on the mountain.

Retails for: $179.95
Best for: Women who want a comfortable, responsive binding

07-08 Burton Escapades: The Escapades have the Speed zone system and the concept is a great idea, however when I rode them the speed zone was set up on the opposite side that normally has the ratchet and that was weird to get used to. The rep told me that you could change the side. In terms of women’s bindings the escapades were okay, comfort was okay in the heel strap and the toe strap was a good fit for my boots and response was okay, softer overall than I prefer in bindings. But overall the speed zone was interesting, definitely like to take that system for another spin.

Retails for: $259.95
Best for: Women who want a good binding from Burton.

07-08 Burton Triad Bindings: The bindings were okay, the toe strap was okay and was a decent fit with my boot but the ankle strap wasn’t comfortable and created pressure points on my boots. The bindings weren’t that responsive to me either. I also take into consideration that i was riding a new system with the X8 so I am willing to take the Triad’s out for a spin again.

After taking the Triad’s out for more riding time on 11/14 and 11/15 I finally got to get a good feel on them. This time I was able to get them adjusted to my boot properly and it was a much improvement during riding. My only complaint is the highback…I try not to have too much forward lean on my bindings just because my knees and the triad’s forward lean was noticeably more than my other bindings. The straps were much more comfortable and fit my boot better as well as the highback wasn’t too tall for my womens boots.

Retails for: $ 249.95
Best for: $ A binding to match up to your X8 or Stria.

07-08 Flow Prima: I was very impressed with these bindings. They offered a solid support binding with no pressure points, great response, solid highback. My feet were in heaven while riding these and it was a lightweight binding that any level women rider could rock on the mountain.

Retails for: $269.00
Best for: Incredible easy access binding with great response and comfort

07-08 Flow M9: These were fun. The M9’s have a stiffer highback but the response was excellent on the mountain. I actually liked these more than my nxt-ats that I had last year. I think the design is there, the lightweight factor is there and overall a solid binding.

Retails for: $208.95
Best for: A solid mens freestyle binding

07-08 Flux Titan: These are probably the most comfortable binding I have rode in a while. The capstrap fit snug and perfect on my boot. The ankle strap while a bit bulky was comfortable and I liked how it was built. The bindings are a bit bulkier and heavier but I didn’t mind it so much once I was riding in them.

Retails for: $199.95
Best for: A heavier binding but very comfortable.

07-08 K2 Virtue: I paired these bindings with the K2 duchess and it was the best matched set-up I have rode in a while. The bindings offer very good comfortable straps, response and quality. They were very similiar to my madisons in terms of softness/stiffness and response. They would be suitable for any women rider on the mountain.

Retails for: $179.95
Best for: Offers everything to the women rider…comfort, response and fun.

07-08 K2 Cinch Cameo: The Cinch’s were amazing. Finally the 07-08 season they are dialed and the way they should be. They were comfortable, no pressure points, good solid straps, very responsive to ride with, easy to adjust on the mountain and quick-in/out. The cable was moved to adjust at different point than 06-07 and that makes the bindings feel more stable response from the highback.

Retails for: $229.99
Best for: A solid womens binding that offers it all including the easy ease

07-08 Ride Sigma Movements: The sigma’s changed the highback to be more women specific molding to the womens boot better. I appreciated that change, very good Ride! They comformed a lot better to my vans boots than my current sigma’s. They still offer comfort, response in all the right areas and are a very light binding for women.

Retails for: $199.95
Best for: A womens binding for park and everywhere else.

07-08 Ride Zeta Bindings: The zeta bindings weren’t even in my ride catalog from SIA but I managed to hear about them and try them out. Part of the DFC series, they offer women a solid park binding that is lightweight and offers solid mobility. It’s not a bad binding at all, softer than the sigma’s but still decent response on the mountain. The straps were very comfortable and had no problems with the ratchets.

Retails for: $249.95
Best for: Straight up park

07-08 Rome Struts: The Struts are basically the madison’s little sister that offers a lot to the entry level rider. The struts have a stiffer highback than the madisons, but I prefer a softer highback which is more forgiving. The response was good but again for an entry level rider, would be fine. These are the womens version of the arsenals offering exceptional quality for the price you pay.

Retails for: $ 159.95
Best for: Entry level women riders wanting a binding that lasts

07-08 Rome Madisons: The madisons definitely remain one of the top womens bindings. They kill it in comfort, response and adjustability. I actually preferred the 07-08 madisons to my 06-07 madisons. They reduced the weight of the bindings in 07-08 (not that 06-07’s are heavy but the weight is reduced to notice it) and the heel cup is slightly slimmer so less space and fits the womens boots better. They will have an amazing second year.

Retails for: $ 189.95
Best for: A women who wants a binding to kill everywhere on the mountain.

07-08 Rossignol Amber: Not a bad binding for an entry level women rider. I wasn’t too impressed with the straps, the ankle strap was a bit bulky and the design of the toe strap I wasn’t a big fan of. Mostly because the straps were very close together on my boot so I didn’t get the full response I’d like during riding of feeling two straps. It’ll be interesting to try the Rossignol bindings again once they update the design next year.

Retails for: 229.95
Best for: Entry level women riders

07-08 Salomon Poisons: I preferred these over the relay-e bindings I demo’d last year. The Poisons were more similiar to my madisons in terms of response and fit of the binding. They were the perfect flex, not a stiff binding but not soft either. Handled the conditions and were overall a very comfortable binding to ride down the mountain with.

Retails for: $189.00
Best for: Solid binding with comfort and lightness

07-08 Union Milans: The Union milan bindings were another entry level binding for women despite what it says on the website. The toestrap was flimsy and didn’t offer much comfort and grip to the boot. The heelstrap was better but needs more work to be fine-tuned. Response was okay but nothing great. In terms of looks, they look cute so i’m sure women riders will buy them up. In terms of quality, I think they have another year before they are dialed.

Retails for: $199.95
Best for: Entry level women riders who want a cute binding.

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