Capita’s First Kiss

30 Sep, 2007

So Friday night here in Steamboat Springs, Colorado was the Capita First Kiss video premiere. I made my way down to the Mountain Theatre with a good friend to go check it out.

While waiting for the fun to begin and enjoying my newcastle brown ale…they showed the local slednecks clips which were pretty cool to watch, especially since it’s local snowmobilers jumping over the train tracks while a train is underneath…pretty cool! The starter video was a local ski/snowboard/snowmobile video that was pretty good, had some great riding shots in and decent music. I gotta figure out what one of the songs is…caught my attention as a good snowboard pipe riding song for my ipod. The only downside is snowmobiling is fun but seeing the same drop 10x over and over gets boring quick.

After watching one of the teasers and hearing some other feedback from an earlier premiere that First Kiss was an artsy film. Either way it was a snowboard film and by a company I support so I was happy to see it.

I liked the movie. One thing I dislike about snowboard movies now is how generic they get, the same stuff over and over…without really trying anything new. I loved Robotfood movies for being fun and showing it. I own all three of their videos and can watch them over and over. They remind you of the adrenaline of what it’s like to be on snow or waiting for the next drop. Even Robotfood got slack during their last film, AfterLame because they changed the protocol that made their first two films…but I loved it, every movie must progress and have something new. Bikecar another movie I own, I love simply because it has one of my favorite riders in it (Travis Parker) and because it’s in the Northwest filmed at mountains that any regular person can snowboard at.

My favorite part and rider from the movie was Tyler Lepore and I always admire TJ but Tyler’s part was something I remembered even now as I’m writing this blog almost 2 days after watching it. He’s a amazing rider to watch on screen and you feel as though you can never understand him, he’s mystery to watch.

I thought Capita did a good job with showing a snowboard movie that was different. The artsy stuff was funny to get used to, it didn’t lose your attention though and the artistic/photographic images and shots were amazing. I liked the switch between black/white and color. The music matched the movie very well and my favorite part was the rails towards the end with the upbeat song (no idea what it is) but I liked how they drew that in which is the more typical snowboard movie part. The only thing that bugged me was during some pipe riding, the camera would stay still and the rider would be out of the shot…just bugged me not seeing the rider in the shot.

Like any good premiere there was lots of swag being thrown out. Got some stickers, keychains and posters to hand out to sb.comer’s who want them in the future. The guy in front of me got pelted in the eye with a keychain, poor guy. My friend Pete was bummed he didn’t win the stairmaster being given away. I didn’t stay for the afterparty at Wired, had a friends house party to attend.

Here’s one of the teasers for Capita’s First Kiss, this is my favorite to watch.

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  1. jasper
    October 13, 2007

    that little montage in “first kiss” where the riders go out of the shot in the halfpipe… that was on purpose!

  2. Shayboarder
    October 14, 2007

    Thanks Jasper for the comment! I knew it was on purpose 🙂 Just bugged me cause I like seeing the riders