A Collection of Season Passes

14 Sep, 2007

Since I started snowboarding, I have tried my best to hold onto the season passes I’ve aquired over the years. They now hang in my truck showing off my collection but I decided it would be a good idea to scan them and have them on my computer before they fade away completely.

My first season pass was 98-99 season when I was 15 years old…I had to get rides to the mountain. I’m only missing two season passes to this date; the 99-00 season pass from Snoqualmie and the 03-04 season pass to Stevens Pass which they made me turn in after I blew out my ACL.

In my collection, most are winter season passes from working at the mountain, there’s a couple summer season passes and a couple summer bike passes.

As you’ll noticed, I erased out my last name…just because this is the internet. A couple of the passes aren’t doing so hot after a couple years…so the wear and tear is definitely showing.

But enjoy…these are some classic photos and I can’t wait to take my photo for the 07-08 season coming up to add to the collection.The first season pass. I started teaching at Snoqualmie Pass when I was 15 years old.

The 02-03 season is when I started teaching at Snoqualmie Pass and Stevens Pass. So I would be at Stevens on Friday/Saturday morning then drive to Snoqulmie where I would teach Saturday evenings/Sunday. Since I started late, I had to get a college pass. I soon realized after that season that Stevens was a better mountain to work for and better pay.

The summer before I was down at Timberline a lot and eventually paying for lift tickets got spendy so I knew the next season I would just get hired by Timberline for the summer.

The Whistler Edge card is an awesome deal for Washington/BC residents to get some days at Whistler without having to buy lift tickets or a season pass. You pay for the edge card and get a certain number of days free plus discounts off lift tickets. I loved having mine and it made sure I attended Telus Festival without having to spend too much on lift tickets.

This is my 04-05 Edge Card.

05-06 Edge Card
At the end of the 05-06 season I was moving to Colorado so once I got employed by Steamboat I received my summer pass which I could use for the gondola ride in the summer and the bike pass to take my bike on the gondola (I eventually sold my bike but I still get the pass just in case). The nice thing about summer gondola rides is you can take your dog with you, so I take my dog up the gondola with me and we hike around the upper mountain.

And that’s it for now…I’ll definitely keep updating my photos as I take new pass photos

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