My Review of POW Shocker Spring Glove

07 Sep, 2007

Originally submitted at Evogear

POW Shocker Spring Glove- The POW Shocker Spring Glove definitely takes it to then next level. Designed for summer snow conditions and multifunctional uses in action. Shocker grip print allows for anti slip action. Ultra thin 4 way stretch nylon allows for nice airflow in the heat of the action. This glove will pull chicks. So if you are debating which glove to get, ask yourself if you want to pull chicks or not.


By Shay from Steamboat Springs, Colorado on 9/7/2007

Sizing: Feels true to size
Pros: Good Grip, Lightweight
Cons: Not Dry
Best Uses: Spring, Summer
Describe Yourself: I’m rad

The shocker glove is a really good spring/summer pipe glove. You can’t beat the shockerific factor and really it does pull chicks…but i’m a chick so I just promote myself with it. The quality is there but because it’s such a lightweight glove, it doesn’t last long on cold/rainy/sweaty days. It’s definitely a fun glove. I spent every sunny day rocking these gloves and they held up surprisingly well over the season.

These gloves are so special that POW is releasing them in 07-08 even though they were meant to be a limited release glove in 06-07. Back by popular demand and better material. I actually have the first batch of gloves that ended up not up to POW quality standards, I guess my standards are lower than theirs cause I still think they rock. I do get disappointed in the lifties who cannot recognize the shocker when I kindly let me know we have 3 people for the chair…two in the pink, one in the stink. And anyone who can’t take a joke about the Shocker gloves…needs to man up.

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  1. Georg
    January 22, 2008

    Heey, i’m thinking of getting myself a pair of these gloves! Just have one question, you said they wont last long in the cold. What especially is cold? I’m boarding at around -8 celius in france. Is that too cold for these gloves?

    Thank you!

    From Holland!

  2. Shayboarder
    January 22, 2008

    Hi Georg!

    I should be updating this soon, I have last years 06/07 POW Shockers seen in this blog post and I have the 07/08 Pow Shockers now as well. The newer pow shockers are definitely more durable material and seem warmer but i’ve been waiting to ride with them because it’s been very cold here lately (10 Degrees Fahrenheit to -10 degrees).

    They are a spring glove, not meant for cold days at all. If you touch snow a lot, you’ll be getting them cold quicker but realistically I wouldn’t use them except for spring riding. They are awesome gloves but yeah i’d invest in a set of warmer gloves for the cold days if you pick these up. I generally won’t wear them unless it’s sunny out and above 40 degrees fahrenheit.

  3. Georg
    January 22, 2008

    Thnx for the quick comment misss! hah a 🙂

    After your reply I decided not to buy them, cus i will never take out my board for these temperatures. Here in Europe, we only board in cold weather. I love them, but I guess no use for me! 🙁 I really need some gloves, but there’s not much on the internet… We’ll see what happens…

    Thanks again,


  4. Shayboarder
    January 23, 2008

    Definitely a smart choice Georg. I love the gloves but they are a spring pipe glove. I’ve been rocking Rome gloves for warmer days, still a good grip and not bulky but warmer than a regular pipe glove. Maybe check those out. Level makes good gloves as well where you can adjust them to be warmer or colder fitting. Also Pow makes good gloves that are warmer as well.