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24 Sep, 2007

This is like my Christmas time…I do most of my snowboard gear shopping around this time so I’m always giddy and happy!

This year I decided not to purchase any new snowboards. I could later on but I’m pretty set on boards this year plus I’m preparing to do a lot more demos and testing boards. No need to purchase more boards if you plan to spend less time on them.

Here are some of the products I have purchased so far this season. Most are soft goods that I’m just really excited about.

686 Ayk Organic Premium T-shirt

  • Retail: $24.00
  • Color: Black
  • My Thoughts: Just a cool graphic on a good shirt. I’ll mostly be wearing this around town and snowboarding.

686 Rocker Stud Toolbelt

  • Retail: $49.95
  • Color: Black
  • My Thoughts: I lost my tools that I carried with me boarding or I gave it away…not really sure. So I decided to pick up the 686 toolbelt instead since I’d get the tools and a belt. I needed another belt anyway.

Burton Studded Belt

  • Retail: $29.95
  • Color: Domino
  • My Thoughts: I needed a good snowboard belt and the Burton studded belt fit the profile perfectly.

Burton Distortion Pack

  • Retail: $59.95
  • Color: Roasted Brown
  • My Thoughts: I was bummed this year cause my Dakine pack that I’ve had for years had holes in it and needed replaced. So I decided on the distortion pack because it is a pack I can use for traveling with and for snowboarding with as a day pack.

Burton K-Moss Beanie

  • Retail: $25.00
  • Color: Roasted Brown
  • My Thoughts: I really like knit hats with a brim…mostly because those are the only hats I won’t crochet so I might as well buy them. I also tried on the hat a couple weeks ago and really liked it.

Rome Break T-Shirt

  • Retail: $20.00
  • Color: Black
  • My Thoughts: I always support Rome so buying a Rome t-shirt is just a necessity in life.

Rome Grunge Zip Hoodie

  • Retail: $65.00
  • Color: Black/Plaid
  • My Thoughts: It is a reversible hoodie so I can wear either black or plaid…that rocks.

Rome Madison Bindings

  • Retail: $189.95
  • Color: White/Retro
  • My Thoughts: This is my second set of Rome Madisons. I still have my first set, the 06/07’s. But I knew after demo’ing these that I would buy this years set. There is a noticeable difference between the years so I figured having a second set would let me really enjoy both bindings more. You can read my review here


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  1. $teve
    September 26, 2007

    That’s some hot gear. You’re gonna be melting up those slopes.