A-Basin 10/29/07

29 Oct, 2007

To enjoy my day off, I made my way down to A-Basin. I decided to do A-Basin over Loveland because it was a Monday (midweek so less crowds) and I wanted to get at least one day at A-Basin in before the season began here in Steamboat.

Normally I spend the end of season at A-Basin when most people are tired of riding and the lines aren’t too bad and spring conditions. Today was just me going alone to ride. Not many of my friends have Mondays off and I do enjoy riding alone so I still made the trek down.
Even for a Monday there were lines at A-Basin…definitely worse than a Saturday/Sunday at Loveland right now. Luckily for me I just caught the singles line which moved pretty quick and I got new people on the ride up each time.
The terrain and riding was decent, they only have the one chair and two runs right now. The terrain park was packed as usual.
Another bluebird day in summit county. I love the sun in Colorado…having grown up in Washington you don’t get enough sun so now I’m loving every second of it.

I just spent the day freeriding and riding switch down the mountain while listening to my tunes. Stopped by Mountain Sports Outlet on the way out of town to check out the electric goggles which are a possibility this season depending on if I can find them cheap.

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  1. $teve
    October 29, 2007

    Wow, I can’t believe how much you snowboard. That’s amazing. I went like twice a year when I had a season pass (family owned a resort once). Glad that you know how to enjoy your days off though. Play on playa…

  2. Shayboarder
    November 04, 2007

    Thanks Steve! Yeah I work 5 days a week so my days off are spent snowboarding in the winter…definitely my way of relaxing!