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06 Oct, 2007

I love Beanies. I would have to say I am addicted to having a selection of beanies. I learned how to crochet beanies a couple years ago so I’ve made beanies for people and kept a couple for myself as well.

I have a couple designated for snowboarding but I wear the majority during the winter when it’s freezing out and I need to keep warm.

Here’s my collection of beanies (tuques):

Burton Headphone

About it: The very last thing you want is some piss-poor song stuck in your head while you’re charging a massive gap hit, so hit the hill with your own tunes cranking from the Burton Audex Basic Headphone Beanie. Plug your iPod into the two-foot cord and use the inline volume control to find the perfect balance between the sounds of nature and Rise Against. Burton didn’t skimp on materials when they sewed the Audex Basic Headphone Beanie. A soft and warm blend of wool and acrylic materials makes it ideal for frigid days on the slopes.

My thoughts: I am a huge fan of the headphone beanie (hence why I own two of them). I love listening to music while riding but with the headphone beanie I can still hear sounds around me unlike wearing huge headphones. Plus no one can tell I’m listening to music.

Burton K-Moss

About it: The Burton Women’s K-Moss Hat brings London street style to your everyday life. Although it won’t give you a fancy English accent, this knitted acrylic hat’s refined look will turn heads wherever you go. The K-Moss Hat has a distinctive street style, and Burton gave this cap a clip label detail to display its mountain roots.

My thoughts: This is my cute hat, I love how it looks on me and I love wearing it. I wear it everywhere since I got it last month. The only dislikes is the button came off last week, about a month after owning it and the threading in the beanie are starting to unravel in spots…maybe wear and tear but I’ve only been wearing it a month.

Color: Roasted Brown

Coal The Colorado

About it: Stacked with at least 20 carats of sickness, the Coal Colorado Flap Beanie’s sweet style and thick knitting keeps you warm and lookin’ dope. The braided tassels earn serious style points whether you tie them under your chin or just hang them down Swiss Miss-style.

My thoughts: I usually wear this beanie around town when its snowing out. Very warm and I love the design of it.

Eira Beanie 2

About it: This is Eira Snow´s Beanie 2. Named that way because the designers behind it couldn´t agree on the baptising. Super tech construction, meaning two layers of acrylic(100%, actually) so you neither get cold nor itchy. Colouring because the designers thought only a regular rastafari colourway would be boring, so they added brown in the mix. And brown is the new black. Contrary to the other Eira Snow beanie model(Clean), this beanie has no ball attached to the top, making it ideal to wear underneath a helmet on those really cold days. But who really wears a helmet? Show off the colours, damn you!

My thoughts: I just received it from Eira but it’s a really cool design beanie that you can wear anywhere.

Goorin Military

About it: Durable Goorin brand “military beanie” made of 70% acrylic and 30% wool. One size fits most.

My thoughts: I didn’t even know this brand but I have the hat for some reason. I like that it’s plain and no branding on it. I can wear it with anything and it keeps my head warm. Plus I like the brim.

Spacecraft Pineapple

About it: The pineapple’s rind inspired the Spacecraft Pineapple Beanie’s pattern. Wear this short-brimmed hat on cold winter days, and think of tropical climates where the yellow fruit grows sweet and luscious. If such thoughts don’t warm you up, this beanie sure will.

My thoughts: I love spacecraft, some of the coolest beanies around. This one is cute and has a smaller brim which I can sport with anything.

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  1. $teve
    October 07, 2007

    I actually like the pink & baby blue one myself.