Boards I’ve owned 1995-2007

16 Oct, 2007

I’ve owned 16 boards that I can remember…these are boards that I have bought or given to me for free.

Boards I’ve owned from 95-00:This period of my life is when I was oblivious to anything I rode and really didn’t keep track either. I have some pictures but some photos I don’t have. It is funny to see the equipment that I started to learn to ride on compared to what you have now. Times have changed…but still riding.

1. Nitro

No idea the model. Its the board in the middle, the blue Nitro. If anyone does know the model, please email me.

This was really my first snowboard because I spent the most amount of time on it. It lasted me a couple seasons.
2. Ride board

no idea what model. No pictures of this board at this time.

3. GNU Barrett Christy pro.
No pictures of this board at this time.

4. Burton

5. Santa Cruz

No idea the model even though I got the board in 2000. This board was great for developing with as a rider. It took me from intermediate to advanced riding and eventually got downgraded to my rock board. It was easy to initiate turns and I could take it anywhere on the mountain…park, freeriding, pipe…it was great everywhere. Eventually like a lot of my gear, I passed it onto a friend who needed a board to grow with.

6. Some setup that I won from a contest seriously like in 97…i still have no idea what it was…i was that shittay. I rode it 3 times and sold it. The best part was I had just bought another board right before winning the contest and the contest gave me some hurkin huge board, boots that were mens size 11’s and bindings that were kids. Good job contest for matching it up. Ah made some money.

Boards from 2000-2008

This is the change that occurred in me. I went from not knowing any boards to knowing every board I have owned since then. I’d like to think that’s when I became independent on the mountain and willing to ride by myself but it also could be when I got serious into riding. Either way…I know what I own now.

7. K2 Temptation

Honestly to this day, the biggest mistake I’ve made in buying a board. I hated it.

8. Arbor Mystic

Such an awesome pipe board! I didn’t keep it around for that long since by the time I got it, I already had a couple others boards that could handle the job.
9. 03-04 Capita Black Snowboard of Death.

You can find my huge RIP ode to my BSOD here

Basically the BSOD is one of my all time favorite snowboards I have owned. It could handle any riding, any terrain and still be a fun ride.

I still own it and love it.

10. 05-06 Capita Shapeshifter

I knew after seeing the shapeshifter design for the upcoming season that I would purchase it and I did. I kept it for as long as I could but eventually I grew tired of it because I do mostly freeride and this is a park board.

It was a really fun board to ride around with and really the double swallowtail was awesome on It’s own. It did get a lot of attention on the mountain.

11. Lib Tech Dark late release with magne traction

My friend Bruce got one of the first releases of the magne traction. He wasn’t too stoked on it and kept it around. Eventually I got it from him and kept it around for a couple seasons.

While I understand the benefits of magne traction, it does grip very well on ice…I am not a fan. I don’t need it is the best way to put it. And coming from an instructor background, anyone who does a full dynamic carve on a board with magne traction can understand why it holds you back.

I keep riding magne traction boards each year to have an opinion on them. But if i ever purchased another Lib or GNU again…it’d be without magne traction.

Just personal preference. And anyone who is interested, demo before you buy.

12. 06-07 Atomic Cold Smoke

Just an overall great board for any level rider. I mostly got it cause I got a great deal on it and really couldn’t pass it up. Plus I figured I’d pass it on to another rider who needed a good board to have.
13. 06-07 Flow Team

So far I have really liked flow boards and plan to ride more of them. The Team was a good all mountain freestyle board for the sunny days here at Steamboat

14. 05-06 Bataleon Hero

I traded for this board and I have no regrets. The TBT on Bataleons is amazing, grips so well and gives you some great freeriding even on a more freestyle board. The Hero is now my rock board but I still love riding it.
15. 06-07 Bitchboard H20

The only female specific board in my lineup of boards. I got handed this to try out and give my opinion. It’s my new pipe board because dang it’s stiff, short and freaking burly to ride. It also says “BITCH” on the base. Gotta get a good pipe shot this year of that.

16. 07-08 Never Summer Premier

I love this board and I am so damn lucky to have this board. Every day I spent on it this winter, it rode amazing in any condition. I plan to ride it all this season and the years to come.

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  1. Crispy
    November 02, 2007

    Shay, I’ve heard the Hero described as Bataleon’s powder board. What is your take on it?

  2. Shayboarder
    November 02, 2007

    I’m surprised to hear that Crispy. The Hero was one of Bataleon’s freestyle boards that you could take anywhere. Even for freestyle its a stiffer board…but yeah I would never consider it a powder board, powder boards you want a tapered design board that floats in the powder with a set back stance. The Hero is neither of those.

  3. Crispy
    November 02, 2007

    Yeah, I thought it was a bit odd as well. My Hero is the most freestyle board I have. As it is, my living in the Midwest means I’ll probably have to travel a ways to see any real powder. Groomers and ice for me!

  4. Shayboarder
    November 03, 2007

    Yeah I’d just tell them the shape proves it’s a freestyle board. I wouldn’t take mine out on powder days that’s for sure. For hardpacked icy days it rides great outside of the park and in the pipe too. Just make some trips to CO this year to get some powder runs.