First Tracks: Hello my name is

11 Oct, 2007

Tonight was First Tracks Productions premiere of “Hello my name is” at the Steamboat Film Festival. Even for a Thursday night, it wasn’t a bad crowd for the premiere. Enjoyed the company of good friends and beer.

The first film was a ski movie around the freeskiing championships called linescore. Some serious terrain riding and fun to watch. It was really a documentary so you know it was pretty long but some good stuff in it.

By the time “Hello my name is” came on I was stoked and ready to go! I had the chance to view it before the premiere but I wanted to see it in the theatre. I’m a huge fan of AC’s videos so far and I own all of them (now I gotta pick up this copy too). It didn’t disappoint at all.

The music rocked and got me pumped up for the snowboarding segments…which I always love when a movie has good music to get you stoked.

The assortment of riding locations was cool to check out: SLC, BC, SLT, Finland. And the riding was a good mixture of park and backcountry, groomers and pipe. It had everything that anyone could want. As well as each rider got some good time to show off their skills.

I laughed when the pine cones thing came up cause that was just very very random but funny.

My favorite riding part was Scotty Lago, had such a genre and mixture of riding that I really enjoyed watching. The cutest riding was Alexis Roland who really kills it for a 1st grader and shows such style in her riding.

Overall I really liked the film and it was awesome to see it played here in Steamboat. After of course went out to celebrate the awesome movie with beers!

Tomorrow night is the TGR film so looking forward to that.

Here is the “Hello my name is” teaser for anyone to view

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