Loveland 10/18/07

18 Oct, 2007

I got today off work and I wasn’t going to waste it. So I grabbed my friend Doug here in Steamboat and we hit the road Thursday morning for some early season shredding at Loveland.

Usually the drive from Steamboat for early season riding isn’t bad. This morning because it snowed in Steamboat a couple inches last night…was not the best drive. In fact there was a huge accident ahead of us and luckily we managed to stop in time without having to pull off into the snowy ditch. That got my adrenaline going for the morning…much more efficient than the can of Red Bull.

We made it to Loveland around 11am to this…an almost empty parking lot and barely anyone there on a dumping snow day. Needless to say I was stoked. I got the day off from work on a Thursday, very last minute and was able to head down to Loveland with a friend to ride of the day. How much better can it get?

After gearing up we made our way up to the chairlift. Only one chairlift running but totally worth it!

Conditions for 2 days after opening at Loveland were awesome. In fact they were better than the early season riding last year. The runs were groomed, with some powder stashed in the trees and the park set up wasn’t bad for early season. Coverage was really good, there were really no rocks unless you went off in the trees. I only hit one rock all day but that was my fault.

Here are some photos from throughout the day of riding.I had a wicked time rocking my Never Summer Premier and new Rome Madisons. Seriously love the board and the bindings were great today. Glad I spent the time to wax my board and make sure my bindings were adjusted to my boots before I made it on the mountain.
The weather throughout the day kept changing, occasionally the sun would come through and be awesome bluebird but then it’d disappear again back as the clouds came and dumped snow most of the day.

I listened to some rocking tunes all day and really had fun riding with Doug and pushing my riding too. Got a compliment from a liftie while Doug wasn’t around and walked away from the mountain super stoked on the upcoming season. Finally the end of the day came and it was time to make the drive back to Steamboat.

Can’t wait for more snowboarding and looking forward to the 07-08 season.

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  1. Ski Guru
    October 19, 2007

    As I sit hear behind my desk in the wet UK I can’t help but turn green with envy; I wont get to shred it up till mid December!

  2. Shayboarder
    October 19, 2007

    Thanks Ski Guru! Yeah the long season here in Colorado definitely is a nice plus to living here.