Rome’s Any Means

26 Oct, 2007

Last night was the Rome Any Means premiere here in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. It was definitely worth checking out.

The night started with the F.O.D.T. Cold World film first and definitely had the urban rails and gansta riders in it. It was really cool to see though and some great footage, great rail riding as well. It was a little too gold chain bling for me though. But I do love to see MFM ride in any film.

Once Any Means came on, it had my attention from start to finish and I definitely plan to purchase a copy for the house. It kept the rome attitude and vibe in it and that’s a good thing. It also has some great riders who aren’t as well-known.

My favorite part was the Flophouse footage, you could tell how much fun it was to be around and man they really partied it up there on film. My favorite sequence was after the Flophouse when they showed some good riding footage in great spots and fun to watch.

One thing I noticed in the film was every rider rode a variety of Rome boards. They didn’t stick to just one model and that was cool to see every board represented in the film.

I did like Marie-France Roy’s part and riding. It’s always good to see a girl killing it in a group of guys. Her part was fun to watch and a wide variety of riding.

I wasn’t surprised that there was a lot of rails in the film…that was to be expected.

The soundtrack was excellent, good music that kept you pumped up throughout. If you want the soundtrack you can find it here

The ending with the riders ollie’ing over the camera was awesome…great way to end a great film.

And with the premiere came some prizes and free swag. I walked away with 3 wallets, a bakoda highback case and stickers. Fun night here in Steamboat.

Here’s the Any Means teaser, check it out!

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