Loveland 11/11/07

11 Nov, 2007

The plan was to ride Copper today with friends…but at the last minute decided to hit up Loveland instead. Later in the day I received a text from my friend Steve about the lines at Copper while I texted him back that Loveland had zero lines and great riding.

Today was the first day my truck was full for the drive. I made the trek down with Amy, Aaron and Jacob.

I made my way to the Santa Cruz tent to try out their boards for the day, Patrick was running the tent and doing a solid job of helping me pick out boards to try. Surprisingly I’ve owned one Santa Cruz back in the day and loved it…it was a solid board that I learned to progress with in snowboarding so it was great to be back on Santa Cruz Snowboards again.

It was another great day at Loveland. It was colder in the morning and a bit windy but by mid-morning it was sunny bluebird with barely any winds. Conditions were hard packed, softened up during the day and then in afternoon some icy spots came out.

It’s always good to recognize fellow members on the mountain. Today I got to meet Tim who I discussed snowboards with online. He wanted to try out the SL and premier to compare to his Ride Society. So it was great to see him on snow demo’ing both boards.

Here’s the list of boards I rode today that I’ll be updating to my 07-08 snowboard review

-07-08 Santa Cruz Seth Huot
-07-08 Santa Cruz Gian Simmen
-07-08 Santa Cruz Fusion
-07-08 Rome Design

Another great day on snow with friends and testing new snowboards.

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