Loveland 11/24/07

24 Nov, 2007

So my buddy Steve has some knee issues…so he’s out for a couple weeks. Which is a huge bummer so he’s always up for riding like I am 🙂 I definitely wish him a speedy recovery so we can shred when he gets back on snow.

Today was a girls day at Loveland. It’s pretty wicked to find another girl that you can ride with on the mountain, push each other and have fun.

Amy and I headed down quite early so we made it there around 9:30am to enjoy a bluebird day at Loveland. Even though it was bluebird out, it was freezing most of the day. I think it stayed in the teens most of the day.

I brought out my retired Capita BSOD to ride today. Figured it was a good idea to get the board out once this season, since I’ve already been on a handful of other boards and get a taste for my love of the BSOD again. It was a fun day for it.

We didn’t stick around till the end of the day, left around 2pm since conditions were icing up and it was getting colder on the mountain.

My camera is still busted…but I have a new one on the way and hopefully tomorrow’s riding will get some shots with a friends camera.

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  1. steve
    November 25, 2007

    Awwww, thanks for well-wishing….my knees thank you.