Loveland 11/4/07

04 Nov, 2007

After dealing with Copper lines yesterday…today was a shredding no line day at Loveland.

My buddy Steve drove us down and thanks for the Daylight Saving time ending we managed to get there pretty early.

We have fun!

It was well worth riding Loveland since they opened Chair #2 which opened up a longer run and awesome for bombing runs. Another beautiful sunny bluebird day, towards the end of the day the winds picked up but it was pretty mellow throughout the day.

It was the perfect day for bombing runs, riding rollers and enjoying the sun on the chairlift. Yesterday at Copper ski patrollers were waving people going fast down and today at Loveland everyone was bombing just having fun, staying in control. I even waved at Ski Patrol as I flew down the mountain. There were no lines, every time we rolled up to chair #2…we got on.

Snow conditions were hardpacked and they were blowing snow on the closed runs so looks like more will open soon. Took a mid-day break to enjoy some beer and then got back to riding.

Steve coming off a roller getting air

I was pretty stoked because I started ollie’ing off the rollers and that’s something I haven’t done since before knee surgery so it was good to be on that comfort level again. Took a couple spills when I was trying to butter but still had fun.

Enjoyed the day and left in the afternoon to make it back to Steamboat. Another great day on the mountain!

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