Steamboat Opens!

30 Nov, 2007

Today is Scholarship Day for Steamboat! Lift tickets today are $20 and the money goes towards Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club.

Starting tomorrow season passes are good for the season.

For now here’s the Photo of the Day for Steamboat. Our new Christie lift is up and running!

Even though I had to work today, I took a nice 2 hour lunch break to get out on the snow and ride.

Since the gondola is getting new rope the only way up the mountain is the new Christie Chairlift. It’s a 6 person chair that takes roughly 4 minutes to get to the top with a mid-station where you can unload if you want the bunny hill. From there you take the cat track over to Thunderhead where there is more riding terrain.

A look down after passing through the midway station.

I was stoked to ride the new chairlift and to get on snow finally at Steamboat. The best part about living in a ski town…is you’ll always see people you know on the mountain. My first chairlift ride of the day I rode up with one of my roommates friends and by the time I made it to Thunderhead Chairlift…I met up with my co-worker and his wife! Ahh…so great making turns with people you know and work with 🙂

Catherine, James and myself on the Thunderhead Chairlift

Since today was Scholarship day and you couldn’t use your pass it wasn’t that crowded on the mountain by the time I got there at 1pm. In fact when I rode the 6 person chair the 2nd time…I was alone on it. For the most part the runs weren’t crowded.
It was a overcast day in Steamboat…very rare for a really sunny town. It was a flat light kind of flat light day on the slopes. Conditions were really hard packed man made snow on groomed runs and ice in some locations. There was a park set up with a couple rails in between the Christie Chair and Thunderhead.

View from the run of the park roped off below and steamboat

Today I grabbed my Capita BSOD again for another day on the slopes. I put my 06-07 Rome Madisons on it.

Overall for opening day it wasn’t a bad day…but I’m happy to ride any day 🙂

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