Absinthe Films Optimistic?

04 Dec, 2007

I finally bought myself a copy after seeing clips of it at Chad’s place over the last month.

This is definitely my favorite film of the season that I have seen so far. Everything about it is fun with some really different styles of riding thrown in to the mix.

The opening doesn’t leave you hanging by any means…watching Wolle Nyvelt rip it up in the back country throwing himself off huge burly terrain was amazing to watch. He must have huge balls…that’s really all I can say. I’ve never heard of his name before watching him and now I’m like damn…stoked on him!

My favorite rider of the film and favorite riding segment was Gigi Ruf. Is there anything he can’t do? But seriously his riding was just really fun to watch, great terrain and awesome drops. Then he took it to the street and made a simple snowed sidewalk look like a terrain park.

Other highlights were MFM’s roll through the Keystone park spraying gapers as they stand in front of rails/jumps and just overall in the way. It was awesome to see and i was dying laughing cause man…who hasn’t wanted to do that to some of those people.

It was really cool to see them ripping it up without even needing snowboards. The skiing part was hilarious and had me on the edge of my seat, Mikey riding the toboggan was awesome…jibbing it without making you think it’s difficult in any way. Just some killer footage of ripping it up in the back country, pillow lines on a wooden plank of a board.

The best footage that I seriously loved was them riding on the mountain bike terrain…that’s just so fun to watch them high up in the trees just killing it on wood courses covered with snow.

Seeing Annie ride definitely gets you stoked on womens back country riding today. She’s such an amazing rider and seeing her hold her own is awesome.

I sat through the credits and I was stoked to see the dancing Rabbi. That guy is always out in Silverthorne/Dillon dancing on the side of the road…and he’s awesome!

Here is the soundtrack for Optimistic as well to check out.

Song Title – Performer

Rusted Wheel – Silversun Pickups
Wolf Like Me – TV On The Radio
Season Of The Witch – Donovan
Calling For The Dissolution – Scott Sullivan
Don’t Sweat The Technique – Eric B and Rakim
Frosty – Meka
Cadillac Dust – Elliot Brood
John The Baptiste – The Ants
C’mon C’mon – Von Bondies
Ain’t Cha – Clipse
Jamna Plagor – Dungen
Spring And By Summer Fall – Blonde Redhead
The Man Who Came To Stay – Babyshambles
I Love My Bitch – Busta Rhymes
Rafaella Carra – Presntazione Orchestra
Fragments – Meka

Definitely pick yourself up this snowboard film….here’s the trailer, check it out!

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  1. hartpetera
    December 05, 2007

    absinthe strikes again! what other videos were in the running for vid-o-the year

  2. Shayboarder
    December 05, 2007

    Thanks Hart! I’m still watching and checking out videos so i’ll definitely keep you updated on what vids i liked so far. Looking forward to Let it Ride and Catch the Vapors next. Glad to see both on your blog 🙂