Steamboat 12/12/07

12 Dec, 2007

Last night was snowing in Steamboat with a reported 5 inches of fresh powder this morning. I worked so I didn’t get to enjoy the snow till my ride break. By the time I made it up to the mountain, the sun was coming out of the clouds and turning out to be a really nice day in Steamboat.

Before hitting up the gondola ran into my friend Andrew who I gave a pair of Shocker Gloves to last year…his are totally destroyed so I said I’d do a trade to give him another set of gloves. When the shocker gloves came out, I got about 10 pairs of them most of which are gone now to friends. So the last spare set will be traded for a nice snowboard wax for my Never Summer. I’m waiting to buy more wax so I can wax my boards at home again.

Made my way to Storm Peak and took laps on Buddy’s Run most of the day since everything else looked pretty tracked out and bumped out.

Ski Patrol was waiting to catch those ballsy enough to ride closed runs…since I like my season pass, I kept to open runs.

Clouds started to come in throughout the day
Today was a pretty mellow day on the mountain, no lines and a ton of empty runs to yourself. I was supposed to meet up with a friend but we kept missing each other. I did have some nice conversations with some skiers and boarders I rode up the chair with.

Last run of the day I ran into Jacob so we made some turns…got this shot of him carving it up.
Finally since I had to be back at work…I made the trek down to the bottom of the mountain from Storm Peak.

Got this shot of me on the cat track as I was coming down. I really need to start wearing a face mask on the mountain. Today was my 25th day on hill this year…so I was stoked to be riding.

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