Steamboat 12/14/07

14 Dec, 2007

I was stoked to make it up on the mountain today but definitely forgetting my face mask again was a mistake. I came off the hill and had my friend tell me my cheeks were white…first sign of frostbite.

I took this pic on the chairlift while freezing…and dumb for not being my face mask. You can see my cheek where the cold would soon affect it.

So needless to say it was a very cold day up on the hill and I will now remember my face mask.

Today was pretty sweet since I used my lunch break and actually got lunch on the mountain. Usually i just pack a sandwich and eat it in the gondola or a granola bar and eat when I get back to work. But today I met my buddy Steve (who makes the killer original goggle designs) and we ate lunch up at Thunderhead. It was yummy and definitely helped me get ready to ride for the day.

Since I was riding alone today, I stuck to Storm Peak which was above the cloud lines so it was blue skies up on the upper mountain but very cloudy/low visibility on the lower mountain. Some new chairs opened up today including Sundown and Elkhead. I unfortunately did not make it over to the new terrain open. I pretty much kept to making laps on Storm Peak and BC before calling it a day.

Even conditions were awesome on Storm Peak, with the new snow we received last night and earlier today…there were powder turns. The snow was a lot of bumps as the powder got pushed around. The fun run is Buddy’s right now which has a ton of rollers and bumps you can ollie off of and get some fun turns in.

But yeah today was super chilly, the last run I got told my cheeks were white and luckily went inside to warm up pretty quickly. Even at Steamboat the really cold days can be brutal and any skin showing is susceptible to frostbite.

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  1. Steamboat Cruiser
    December 14, 2007

    to be sure, it was hawk city up there. When they said 11 deg F, i felt like 2 deg F on my face.
    You better pack the WarmStuff , compadre.
    Wasn’t the powder nice, though?

  2. Shayboarder
    December 17, 2007

    Cruiser…for sure! Man it was nippy out! I finally put my facemask in my cargo pockets so now i’m prepared for the chillier days. Gotta love the steamboat powder…totally worth every second of cold.