Steamboat 12/19/07

19 Dec, 2007

I knew today I was gonna ride…mostly cause I had just gone two days in a row without riding and I needed to be on the hill.

It took a while to get on the mountain, but I met up with a group of friends by chance. Rode up the gondola with Greg, Amy, and Ryan.

Greg, myself and Amy

We made our way down to Storm Peak to meet up with Jakub then headed our way over to below the chutes to make some turns.

I wore my knee brace today but didn’t tighten it as much as I’d like…so before getting on Storm Peak I told the group “I’d have to put my hands down my pants at the top” which made them laugh. That’s my vulgar sense of humor when riding. Up on top, got a second to pull them down and tighten my brace up. Luckily I wear bright red long underwear so no one got a glimpse.

It was an overcast, cloudy day on the mountain. The groomers surprisingly were pretty tracked out since Sunday’s riding. Even the cat tracks were having brush showing through.

It wasn’t too cold out, but definitely the powder turns made me warm pretty quick. I did wish I had brought my face mask for the day.

I like to think this is when Amy found powder
She was right…we still found fresh powder

Yay for fresh lines…gotta keep your speed sometimes. I took this picture with Jakub ahead of me making fresh turns.

Waiting for the others to arrive down where we could stop and wait up for everyone. Got pretty tracked out here as the lines came together.

Gotta love powder days when everyone looks like this…catching a breather.

Jakub chilling on the side

It was definitely some fun turns today. I made my way to lower mountain so I was closer to getting back to work.

Even for a holiday period…today was pretty mellow. I didn’t really encounter any lines or a lot of people on the runs. I’m sure that’ll change soon as Christmas gets closer.

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  1. Erica
    December 21, 2007

    Nice pics and I’m jealous. I’m headed to Snow Summit (local So. Cal. mountain) tomorrow, but with supposedly 16-28″ of coverage on the runs, and being almost all manmade, it’s nothing to compare to your pics here! Ah well… Whistler in two weeks!

  2. Shayboarder
    December 24, 2007

    Thanks Erica! Yeah CO this year is getting some amazing storms rolling in, so happy with how the season is coming. Awesome you’ll be riding, i’m sure you guys in CA will get some storms rolling through your way to cover up the manmade.

    Have an awesome time in Whistler. The riding on Whistler and Blackcomb is amazing.