Steamboat 12/2/07

02 Dec, 2007

So last night it started dumping in Steamboat…by the time I got home at 2am there was a couple inches on my truck and easily 5-6 inches on my road where I live. So I knew I’d be waking up early to get on the mountain to enjoy some of the new powder that came our way.

Since I live higher up on the mountain, I can walk over to the mountain and ride down the beginner run to hit up Christie Chair. This morning I left my place at 8am and was at the bottom of Christie chair at 8:15am to wait in line for the chairlift to open. Unfortunately the beginner run was all groomed or it would have been a nice couple turns in powder. I rode up the chair with the Yeti Posse…all very cool friends of Steve.

Today was awesome cause with the new snow I decided to take out my K2 Gyrator for it’s first day on the mountain this year. I was hoping for more powder turns with it…but it’s still a fun board on groomers.
Since I made it pretty early to Christie chairlift, once they loaded I think we were the 11th chair going up. I made my way over to Thunderhead and went up hoping to catch some powder. There was some powder but the runs had been groomed after receiving the snow last night…so it was a let down but in the spots where there was powder…it was fun on my gyrator for sure.

Throughout the morning I kept running into people I knew so I never rode up the chairlift alone more than once. Made turns with Jacob and James who I work with. I rode with both of them before but it’s always fun to make turns with people on the mountain especially those who push you or you push them.

Shannon, James and Jacob hitting up Thunderhead Chair

It was a really fun day riding the gyrator…in powder it was heaven and on groomers it was still fun. Still getting used to buttering that board and getting off the chairlifts with it. I had a fun time riding it through the bumpy moguls that came out on the runs…I was pretty impressed with the handling.

I Got this shot on the last run of the day looking down as I rode.

A look at the rest of the mountain looks like more runs are expected to open soon. Storm Peak looked mighty promising with snow guns blasting away on it.

Once the crowds showed up and the cat track to Thunderhead got packed…it was time to call it a day. Made my way down the cat to the bottom, said bye to Jacob and headed home so I could decorate my Christmas Tree.

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