Steamboat 12/22/07

22 Dec, 2007

Got some snow overnight so today was a wake up early and ride day!

I met up with Amy at 8am for some coffee before starting the day off strong. Had some awesome girl talk in the gondola making the strangers crack up laughing. I have the tendency to be very vulgar on the mountain without caring who overhears me.

Either way got the talk out of the way and headed to Storm Peak to wait in line until the chair opened. Since Amy didn’t have a face mask…borrowed one from a friend working the lift. Today was a face mask day thanks to the powder shots and to the bitter cold that was today. My hair is not normally white and frozen.

We first hit up Morningside for the day…which not many were heading that way so got some good dibs on the stuff up top Morningside.

We managed to make some first tracks which was good and bad. The good was the fresh powder…the bad was having to break trail on the flats.

Breaking trail on the flats…yeah I was unstrapped having to walk through snow up to my knees.

Fresh Powder everywhere

Got this shot of Amy breaking through some powder.

Some of the best stuff was in the trees, seriously some of the most fun riding I’ve had in a while was breaking through powder turns, bumps and dodging trees. It was harder to get photos when your riding through a obstacle course.

In the trees the powder was pretty deep in spots, got this photo of Amy showing how deep before I dropped into make a new line below in the trees.
We kept making laps still finding good turns. Some of the more popular runs got tracked out pretty quick. I was amazed to hit the groomers and find tons of people content on riding groomers. Ah well…more snow for us!

Shot of me riding through the bumped out powder.

Shot of Amy coming out of the Aspens

Once the snow got more tracked out and that it was freezing, we made our way inside to hit up some yummy soup in a bread bowl lunch on the mountain before heading back out on the mountain again.

Got this shot towards the end of the day heading up Morningside

Finally making our way down to the base, could see the awesome park that opened at noon today. Looked sweet to see…now just waiting on the half-pipe to open up.

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