Steamboat 12/23/07

23 Dec, 2007

It’s definitely a snowed in Steamboat this holiday season. Woke up today to more snow and it kept snowing all day long.

Since my mom is in town for the holidays, today was her first day back on skis since straight skis. So this morning was spent on lower mountain getting my mom used to skiing again. I made sure she was a cool skier though. No gaper gap, no one piece and I made sure to tell her…don’t turn on the cat tracks.

My mom skiing

Luckily for me, I get lesson vouchers so I let her enjoy an afternoon lesson on me so I could go shred the mountain in search of the powder. Got Jakub out of work plus met up with 2 of his friends visiting town and we hit the mountain up for some afternoon riding. While waiting at the base, I got one of the best gaper photos. Made my day!

Today was a really cold, windy day on the mountain. We managed to stay in the trees most of the day so I really only got the brunt of the weather on the chairlift. But it was snowing all day and filling in the runs very good. It wasn’t too busy either on the upper mountain. No lines and definitely never got close to anyone on the mountain except when I reached lower mountain again.

We first made it up to Storm Peak in search of powder and the first run was definitely powder.

Jakub totally stoked on snow

Jakub’s friend Gid found some powder.

Unfortunately I chose the route to the right when I should have gone left and found myself breaking trail in some areas. The good part was I was up to my waist in powder…the bad news was I was up to my waist in powder. Luckily it was a really good workout and I was able to make it out where I got more speed and some good lines.

My line on the right

And then stuck in this much snow, my board is underneath there somewhere.
This is me stuck in snow and still totally stoked
And my trail was having to hike out

To give an idea of how deep the snow was. Today I was riding my 159 Never Summer Premier and here it is buried in the snow

After that adventure made our way over to Sunshine where there was more people.
Made some turns, hit up South Peak then headed back to Elkhead to get down to the lower mountain again. Had to pick up my mom from lessons and call it a day.

Overall an awesome day!

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  1. Erica
    December 24, 2007

    GREAT pics of your amazing powder day… it makes me jealous cuz I just hit up a whopping 20″ of manmade snow on Saturday. ha ha. And, good for your mom getting out there too! 🙂