Steamboat 12/30/07

30 Dec, 2007

The end of 2007 is coming near and I gotta say…December 2007 is an awesome month for Steamboat. November was depressing since we had no snow but man the amount of snow we’ve received in December is awesome. Steamboat’s total snowfall is 157 inches right now, that’s almost halfway to our annual snowfall. So stoked on it!

I woke up bright and early today knowing it was a powder day. Took the time to get my gyrator waxed up at 7:30am and make it to meet up with friends by 8:30am at the base of Christie Express. The gondola line was super long, but Christie had no line so we hit that up this morning, then took Thunderhead up.

The snow was really coming down all day long. Huge big snowflakes dropping all over the mountain, filling in old tracks and making the powder amazing. Made our way to Pony.
The first run of the day was epic. I seriously can’t say enough about the snow we got in the last couple days but it is so light, fluffy and just tons of it. I got face shots the entire way down the run and managed to take a nice fall in the powder as well. Even still…it was amazing.

Steve shredding

Ben Shredding

I managed to take the end of a run by myself so I cut into some new trees and found myself making some sweet lines in the powder.

Kimmie and Brian took off so the rest of us stayed out making turns on Pony the entire morning. So much snow to enjoy! The guys took me to an awesome spot with a cliff they wanted to drop. So I took out my camera and got these shots of them hitting it up.

Steve and Ben at the top looking down

Steve dropping in (I took the shot too early)

Ben hucking himself down

From where I was down below got to make some nice tracks to get in the right spot.

There’s a reason I love living in Steamboat and it’s because I can ride the trees all day, stay away from tourists and enjoy a mountain to myself. Riding with friends makes it so much better especially when they push you and take you to spots you’ve never seen.

Last run of the day, Steve and I switched boards so he could take out the gyrator. He managed to get his boots into my bindings but they looked really funny.

I took out his Burton Triumph and Burton bindings for the last run. Steve loved riding my gyrator…all I could hear him say was “SICK!” down the mountain. He tried to steal it at the bottom but I wouldn’t let him. Got another person hooked on the gyrator. Seriously an awesome powder board.

End of the day we hit up Tugboat to chill and eat some yummy food. Stopped by Powder Pursuits to check out the Oakley goggles. I ended up picking up the Oakley Stockholm goggles, my first pair of womens goggles ever. It’ll be fun to see how I like them on the mountain.

Ended the day with watching “Any Means” with friends to finish off the day.

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