Steamboat 12/7/07

07 Dec, 2007

Today I had a powder day…which meant I didn’t have to show up to work till 11am.

I left my place at 8am to head over to the mountain and get to the gondola pretty early. I have a new NS board to try out but with the new powder…I decided to spend the day on the K2 Gyrator to really take this board in the powder and see how it does.

We definitely received a couple inches at my place.

The first run of the day was heading down the beginner slope to get to the gondola base. There was a couple inches since it had been groomed…so it was really fun to just make turns on.

I hit up the singles line and waited around till the gondola opened at 8:30am. People were cheering once the doors opened and again as the gondola was loading up. The line wasn’t too bad for a powder day…it’s not as busy in Steamboat so it was nice that a lot of riders and skiers were locals.

After getting off the gondola, cut through some awesome powder on Blizzard and made my way to 4 points chairlift. Got in the singles line again and saw a couple people I knew waiting to make our way up to the powder up top. Rode up the chairlift with Dave who just got hired in my office. Stoked to meet him and make turns with him for the day.

4 Points chair packed full

A look down at the 4 Points lift line

My first run was the best of the season. I cut over to hit up Cyclone and the cat track to Buddy’s Run was open…i’d been waiting to hit up that run knowing there was fresh powder to be carved up with. I was the first track on the cat track and I came out into the open run with fresh powder just wide open for me to turn with…and the best part was no one had followed my trail.

Here’s the photo I took after reaching the bottom of the run…it was awesome to make turns in the powder. Wide open and powder turns. It was the best run of the day.

The second chairlift ride up 4 points…I cut down to Cyclone again this time with Dave and unfortunately ski patrol had roped off the cat track to Buddy’s Run (I guess my tracks gave it away that I’d ride it) so we hit up Cyclone for the fresh powder after that.

The line to 4 Points was getting packed so rode up BC enjoyed a couple runs on White Out which was really good to ride through. There were some amazing one-pieces in line at BC as well. I surprised Dave with my ambition and determination to get the best photos of them.

Dave strapping in ahead of me after getting off BC

Coverage was really good with the new snowfall. I don’t remember hitting one rock all day. The snow wasn’t the typical light fluffy powder that Steamboat is famous for…it was heavier snow. Not as heavy as the Northwest but definitely a heavier snow day for Steamboat.

Made some turns on Thunderhead and Vagabond before calling it a day at 10:30am so I could get to work.

This is how a K2 Gyrator should look…covered in snow! I had the best morning riding the Gyrator in powder…the board just is so smooth and easy to lean back on…you just float through the powder on this board.

This is what I look like on a powder day…totally stoked and covered in snow.

I made it to work by 11am…it was totally worth it to be up early to get fresh tracks. I had a smile on my face all day at work 🙂

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