Steamboat 12/8/07

08 Dec, 2007

My plan originally was to hit up Winter Park today for a big snowboard demo. But with the amount of snow that Steamboat got, the fact that Storm Peak was opening today and that I didn’t have anyone go with…made Steamboat the better choice. I was really bummed to miss out on demos…but tomorrow in Steamboat is a smaller demo day so that makes me happy.

Bright and Early still in Steamboat

I made plans with friends to meet at Starbucks at 7:30am to enjoy some early morning coffee and food. Met up with Amy, Chad and my roommate Leo to start off the day. We made our way to the gondola around 8am so we had a good chance to get freshies on Storm Peak.

We made our way up Storm Peak and got to see those ahead of us making turns on fresh powder. It looked good…very good! Amy and I picked out our lines that we would make hoping that we’d be first tracks in that location.

Honestly I didn’t think today was gonna be as good as yesterday morning but the opening of Storm Peak opened some really fresh powder that was plenty to be had. My first run through I was making fresh lines through the trees and it felt really good!

I lost Amy but met up with her on the top of the second run. I was a little bummed that I wasn’t riding my pow board but the NS I was riding was still fun to ride…just had to lean back to ride the powder a bit.

Amy riding the powder

Shot of me in the trees about to head down

It was seriously a really fun day…good friends to ride with and plenty of powder runs.

A good day of riding means never seeing your snowboard

I did manage take some good falls…hit a stump which totally flipped me over. Managed to ride over a creek while heading to Buddy’s Run.

Also hit up some fresh powder is some really close aspen trees which had some close calls getting through tough spots.

A view from Buddy’s run in the trees looking at the top of the Gondola

There were quite a few one-pieces which I was really stoked of course…but the best person of the day was this lady…who actually posed for the photo while I rode up the chairlift screaming how hot she was. I give her points for being a good sport. Pure hotness.

Spent the day riding and making turns till 1pm…lost the friends but kept riding. Eventually I ran into other people on the mountain and we made our way down to Slopeside to enjoy a end of day beer.

It was an awesome day for snowboarding.

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