Steamboat 12/9/07

10 Dec, 2007

It was a rough morning after partying Saturday night but I managed to make it up for the day. Being on the mountain definitely helped me feel better especially with stopping in to drink some water.

Never Summer was at the base putting on a demo day so it was good to stop by and say hi. I was hoping to see Lib Tech/GNU but for some reason it was a no-show day for them. Since i’ve already rode most of the NS’s that I possibly can…I chose to not demo any boards.

I took out my gyrator for the day since there was a little bit of fresh snow but more cause it was the only waxed board in my house right now.

I made my way to the mountain around 9:30am and was surprised how empty it was for a Sunday morning. Met up with Tom who is the terrain park supervisor and we spent the day making turns.

Took a couple laps on Thunderhead before meeting up with more people and hitting up Storm Peak for some turns. They were blowing snow on Buddy’s run…so that was a bit of a mess to get through with low visibility and the conditions being all over the place. Eventually we took a run directly under Storm Peak which was the most fun of the day, some powder but also a bit bumpier. I pumped the music and picked each line that I’d take which worked out well.

Eventually went back to Thunderhead as visibility got low on Storm Peak. Watched Tom kill it up in the terrain park and called it a day by grabbing a beer at GPG.

Didn’t take my camera up so no photos from sunday riding.

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