Boa Compatible Snowboard Pants

10 Jan, 2008

So in my last blog I talked about having boa compatible snowboard pants. After this comment

Anonymous I Love Fruit Loops said…

What do you mean “boa compatible?” Are the legs on some pants so tight that you can’t wear boa-equipped boots with them?

I checked around the internet and there are no photos I could find that show what I’m talking about.

It’s described as this “Boot-cut hems with zip cuff slits and Cordura® scuff reinforcements feature BOA® lace system compatibility for secure attachment to boots”

And it looks like this on your snowboard pants.

Then when you flip it open, it looks like this.

So really it lets you put the boa knob on your boot into the hole. Once there you can adjust your boa boots without having to pull up the bottom of your snowboard pants.

In terms of tightness, I wear snowboard pants and all of them have bottom gaitors that fit around my boots. I’ve never encountered a snowboard pants that wouldn’t come down over my snowboard boots.

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