A look back at SIA

21 Jan, 2008

So I’ve been planning to be at SIA for a couple months now…everything is in order: airline ticket, SIA badge, hotel booked, free ride to DIA airport and my dog is being watched by housemates. But I realized today that I hadn’t done a blog yet on previously attending SIA.

SIA is the Snowsports Industry America’s and the tradeshow is held in Vegas. Well for another couple years it is, it’s being moved to Denver for 2010

My first trip to SIA was back in January 06 for the 06-07 products. I was there last year and I’ll be there this year and definitely future years to come. For me it’s a lot of checking out the products and meeting new people in the industry. Last year I had some great talks with company owners and came out really stoked on the gear because of it. I also have a lot of old instructor friends from Washington/Oregon who now work for companies so seeing them once a year is awesome.

I wrote this up on my snowboard.com blog when I got back from my first SIA trip.

-free red bull
-kegs everywhere
-checking out all the 06-07 products for snowboarding
-seeing friends who run and work in the industry of important people
-seeing a rail jam from the highest floor in the Hard Rock and realizing that i drank too much and should stay off the balcony
-Getting free stuff, many stickers and every catalog I could
-learning you can never get tired of the same buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner
-to get the free drinks while gambling, tip big and sit close to the waitress’s main walk area
-realizing that the Tropicana was the Tropicrappa and Excalibur was Sexcalibur…so you party elsewhere where it’s nicer!
-sooo awesome i will be back next year and the year after forever!!!!

January 2006 SIA Photos

Volcom with their animal house/toga party theme. It was madness and so much fun to watch.

Blue Montgomery and Myself.
The boys and MFM at a Hard Rock Party.

January 2007 SIA Photos 

Myself at Smith cutting goggles up to get a new pair

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