Shay’s Best of 07-08 List

23 Jan, 2008

So with SIA rapidly approaching with 2008-2009 gear coming out…I figured it’d be a good idea to look back at my favorite gear from 2007-2008 that I had the opportunity to try out.

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The K2 Gyrator is amazing in powder. I took it out on hard packed and loved it so I knew on powder it’d be killer with the reverse camber. It’s also so damn butterable. I think this is the only board that I have ever demo’d where I went out and bought it right away because I was blown away by it. It is now my powder board and every day riding it in powder is just so much fun.


The K2 Duchess is the best womens board I rode all year, definitely others that are solid boards but this one was such a fun board to hit the snow with.

Most Shocking

The Burton Uninc was definitely the most surprise/standout/shocking board that I demo’d. I mean that in a good way. I really enjoyed riding the uninc. I can’t say anything about the quality and durability of the EST but it was a really fun board to ride every time I got on it. I’d love to spend a whole season on this board but the chances of that happening are slim.


I hate to say it…but people do look at board graphics. The Uninc definitely got double takes in the lift lines and a couple comments but my favorite of the year is the Bataleon Violenza which is just so interesting and funny to look at.

Best All Around Board

There’s a reason why I ride the Never Summer Premier and it’s because I can take that board anywhere on the mountain. Whether it’s powder, trees, bumps, groomers, pipe, or the tiny rails I occasionally hit…the premier is my favorite for riding.

Top runners up were the Flow Infinite WX and K2 Zeppelin. Maybe if I had more time on those two they’d have a better chance agains the premier.

Weirdest Snowboard Rides

The Santa Cruz Duo Freedom was definitely a weird ride, with the two cores anytime I was in a transition or flat…it was like I had to question my riding ability on that board because it was gonna buck me around like wild.

The Lib Tech Skate Banana is very very fun don’t get me wrong but man the pop was insane. It was a weird ride to get used to cause you didn’t have to put much effort into buttering or ollie’ing.

Most Fun Snowboards

It’s a complete toss up between the fun factor. Basically the Bataleon Riot and Capita MHT were the most fun boards I’ve rode in a while. For me fun boards are just boards I can cruise with, pull 180’s, pull off butters and just make the mountain a terrain park.

Favorite Strap Bindings

Honestly I spend the most days on the mountain with my Rome Madisions because they really are one of the top womens bindings out there. You can adjust them to any boot, they are comfortable, good fitting and great response on the mountain. The K2 Virtues this year were also a top favorite to ride on the mountain.

Easy Access Bindings

It’s tough cause I really like the K2 cinches but the Flow Prima’s were definitely the top runner because of comfort, easy access and they are definitely a light binding.

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