SIA 2008 Day 3

31 Jan, 2008

Day 3 of SIA started off with checking out the new Burton line up. Since hearing that Burton was making a binding finally for the EST system that is women’s specific, I have been looking forward to checking it out. For 08-09 it is the Escapade EST and Lexa EST models.

Since I hit up so many companies, I’ll make a blog for each company and photos that I took rather than have one super long blog post for today. Companies today were Burton, skullcandy, Dakine, Option, Arbor, Smokin, 686, Unity, Von Zipper and Santa Cruz.

Dakine has some killer prints coming out for 08-09 including this poodle/monster truck print that I seriously loved. I saw this bandanna and definitely plan to purchase this up.

Courtesy of Shred Betties

The snowboards coming up for Burton are definitely interesting. I checked out the Fix which is supposed to compete with the whole reverse camber/rocker boards that are out.

Taking a break in the Yard…on the most comfortable lovesack.

Here’s a shot of Kelly from Shred Betties checking out the new Skullcandy headphones

Gags is seriously the best rep out there and a great guy to ride with. I got this shot of us after checking out 686 and totally stoked on the new designs and tech they are putting out for 08-09. I’ve been a huge fan of 686 for years and I’m already picking out the gear I want to purchase for next year.

Trying out some of the new Von Zipper goggles

Loved this…seriously
Unity Snowboards Booth

It was a long day checking out all the gear and definitely the most tiring day of SIA. I didn’t leave Mandalay Bay until 8pm when I finally headed back to my hotel room to crash for the night. No late night parties or drinking when you just wanna relax in your hotel room.

Day 3 Completed.

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