Steamboat 1/19/08

19 Jan, 2008

Made it to the mountain with my house mates Leo and Tara to start off the day. When we rode down to the base, it was definitely lines but the gondola looked less busy than Christie Express so we hit up the singles line in the gondola.

We headed over to sundown cause friends were over there but man it was long lift lines and took forever to get up on the chairlift.

Tara, Leo and myself heading up sundown

At the top finally met up with Chad, Stacia and Ryan to make some turns. Luckly we didn’t spend much time there before heading down to Pony chair to hit up less lines and more powder runs.

We made our way out the backcountry out of the ski area boundaries at the top of Pony to head over to the Canyons. It was my first time heading that way, mostly cause I don’t go out of bounds unless I’m with others who know where to go and are familiar with the terrain.

Stacia through the out of bounds signs warning you about the dangers

It was definitely my roughest day of riding so far this year, first time out in the canyons and definitely working hard to keep up. The good part was having to keep up and riding with friends willing to look out for you, making sure you made it down safely.

Took this picture while riding as Leo came skiing towards me. Cool to see the hugeness of the trees compared to Leo

Ended up having drop that line when I came out of some trees and looked down to see this drop. Took a while to get my guts to do it. Every time I see a drop I think to myself the impacts of knee surgery (which really sucks)
My riding today was sucking ass (to be totally honest) so I kept hitting trees or getting stuck. Some fun turns to be made but definitely was tired from the run. I split up with the group after one out of bounds run so I could ride at my own pace and not hold them back. Sucks to do it…but I definitely wasn’t up for it today.

I headed to the half pipe for the rest of the afternoon to make laps. It wasn’t too busy and it was really fun. Saw a friend in the pipe working with his SOS kids and that was awesome to see them shredding. One thing i’ve noticed about Steamboat is the lack of signs in the park recognizing that your riding Steamboat’s terrain park, so I was stoked to see a sign on the side of the quarterpipe finally.

Ended the day on a high note with a good run through the pipe. It was the perfect day to spend time in the hot tub after riding and to hit the bars up after relaxing for a little bit.

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