Steamboat 1/20/08

20 Jan, 2008

Today was a girls riding day. Last night while out we talked about meeting up early for coffee and then hitting the slopes. I made my way to the mountain at 7:30am to get some Starbucks and set up Amy with my 06-07 Rome Madisons for the day. She needs new bindings so she’s going to borrow mine to see how she likes them.

We hit up the gondola line around 8:10 and stuck to the singles line to wait for the gondola to start loading. Kimy joined us a couple minutes after so she wasn’t far behind us in line. Always a good time to shoot the shit in the line, talking with others and just having fun. Got to see some awesome circus hats (spikes, unicorns, crazy creatures) in line. We managed to get pretty quick into the gondola so not too many people ahead of us.

The snow report said 5 inches in the last 24 hours, but it was definitely groomed on the runs so it was maybe an inch or two while riding the main runs.

We headed down to Pony where we got first chair which always rocks. Here’s a shot of the 3 of us, Amy on the left, Kimy in the middle and me on the right.

Since it’s a busy holiday weekend here in Steamboat it was definitely worth sticking to chairlifts with less traffic, runs with less traffic and not having to deal with long lines.

Riding up Pony the first time, got to check out the snowfall and definitely not a ton of new snow but still good stashes to be found. It’s been really cold the last week so new snow we have received has stuck around and kept its lightness pretty well.

I like this shot, you can see my line skating and then Kimy right behind me as we broke trail at the top of Pony.

Today’s conditions were hard packed with a couple inches of new snow. It was bluebird out, with some clouds. Temperatures were pretty warm in the 20’s. I just had a t-shirt over a long sleeve and my jacket on for the day.
We kept making laps on Pony, hitting up the trees for stashes for the morning. Got some good shots of the girls making turns down middle rib.

Amy shooting up some snow with Kimy right behind her
Amy cutting through the aspens enjoying some fresh powder.

Occasionally we’d cut out of bounds but stay pretty close, some good powder just out of the lines. Got this shot of the marker warning you.

Kimy with the new of the mountain in the background.
Myself coming down through the trees

Definitely some fun lines and new riding runs that we took today. I had one encounter with a tree where I cut too close and slammed my left arm into the tree. It’s bruised pretty good right now. We made our way down the mountain, avoiding the traffic on the more popular runs and hitting up the cat track to get down quicker.

Great day of riding with the girls!

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