Steamboat 1/22/08

22 Jan, 2008

This morning it was snowing and by the afternoon the sun had come out for another bluebird day in Steamboat.

Today was also the 34th annual cowboy downhill, big Steamboat tradition of having the cowboys and professional bull riders come up to Steamboat, participate in a dual slalom with a jump. I watched a couple minutes and then headed out to hit the slopes.

Today was a really good day for me cause I was testing out a new board so it was definitely fun to be riding something new and reviewing it for feedback.

Even though it was bluebird out, the upper mountain near Storm Peak was covered in clouds so I kept to lower mountain just free riding on Thunderhead and hit up Heavenly Daze to get some interesting terrain of groomers and bumps to ride through.

The crowds are dying down in Steamboat so it’s good to have the mountain more to yourself. I didn’t have all day to ride so I ended up making my way towards pipe to get some time in on the new board.

A couple locals riding pipe and I was surprised by the amount of skier tourists riding pipe as well. The boardercross course is nice cause a lot of the tourists hit up that which is great as a gaper catcher in the park…but it does suck when they make their way into the pipe to do the same riding they can do in the boardercross.

I’m going to do a blog post on pipe etiquette but I’m gonna get some photos first to use with it. But this photo captures a lot. Here is MC in front of me waiting to drop in at the correct drop in location and there is skier gaper tourists freaking standing there on the deck not dropping into the pipe. Once they did drop in, they took forever to get through. It was a pain in the ass and unfortunately cause they took up the deck drop in area…no one else could hit the pipe unless you dropped in from the other side. Ok so look for pipe etiquette post in the future.

Now it’s time to wax up the new board…factory waxes in my opinion are only good for one day of riding. Give them love and wax it up so it’s all fresh coated and ready to go!

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