Steamboat 1/24/08

24 Jan, 2008

It was another bluebird sunny day in Steamboat…so of course had to get out on the mountain to enjoy the sun while it lasted. It was pretty mellow in the afternoon. A lot of the tourist traffic has died down so it’s less crowded which is so nice having the mountain back to yourself.

I made it up with 3 other co-workers to enjoy the afternoon sun.
James, myself, Paige and Sara on Storm Peak

We took advantage of the whole mountain, rode up storm peak to take advantage of Triangle 3 trees, then headed over to sunset to get on sundown.

The groomed runs were hard packed with some ice in spots. The trees still had powder stashes but some bumps as well.

It was really fun just bombing the hill, making turns and testing the new board out. I try to take new boards through every condition possible to get a good idea of how it handles. Some boards are great for certain conditions only. I prefer the boards that I can take anywhere and they still rock.

Looking at the clock runs from Sundown

From sundown, hit up closet and shadows still finding some good powder turns from Wednesday’s snowfall. I went through the trees and looked up behind me to see where the others were. Ended up snapping this shot of the trees surrounding me.

Eventually made out way up Elkhead to head down Heavenly Daze so we could ride Nastar for employee races. I made pretty good time, it was a tough course for snowboarders but hey did my best.

I made my way up Bashor chair to hit up the halfpipe. The park put in some medium size jumps to the left of the chairlift as you come up. So got a shot of those new features. Ended the day on a good note with some runs through the half pipe.

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  1. Ryan West
    January 29, 2008

    I enjoy your blog, keep it up!

  2. Shayboarder
    January 29, 2008

    Thanks Ryan! Glad you like it!