Steamboat 1/5/08

06 Jan, 2008

The Half pipe opened here at Steamboat so I was definitely ready to be hitting up our pipe again. It was a perfect day too since it was super windy and most of the chairlifts on the mountain were closed. Took up my NS premier to ride in the pipe for the day.

Luckily the wind wasn’t too bad on Bashor and in the park. The bummer was dealing with tourists who shouldn’t have been in the park but were because the chairlift was running.
The park is still coming together, but there’s an assortment of rails and jumps right now. The terrain park crew is still pushing for a big jump…so hopefully the mountain steps up and lets the terrain park have it.
I went up alone, but met up with friends throughout the day, rode the early afternoon with Joe and then ended the day riding with David. Just cranked the music and had fun riding pipe again.

The pipe got less busy throughout the day. Winter Sports Club was coaching so sometimes had to wait a bit to drop in.

Waiting your turn to drop in

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