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12 Feb, 2008

Update 6/25/08: The Atomic Catalog Images has been added to the post at the very bottom.

Always good to see Atomic at SIA. This year they bring a lot more to the snowboard table in terms of new ideas.

Atomic introduces a splitboard to the line, the Poacher, which comes in a 157cm, 164cm and 171cm sizes.

With the popularity of the Hatchet, Atomic has put out a wide Hatchet that comes in a 156, 159 and 162cm sizes.

I don’t have any pictures of the binding, but the Atomic El Presidente introduces the first use of boa in a snowboard binding. The toestrap features boa to tighte the strap down. I’ll try to find a picture or scan a photo I have.

Atomic Boots

Atomic Hatchet, Triarc, Axum, Cold Smoke, Radon, Dreamraider, Alibi

Atomic Mighty D, Terminal, Vantage, Exeter, Revival, Pivot and Hatchet

Atomic Alibi, Tuesday, Tika, Fallen Angel, Polarity

Atomic Poacher

Atomics new splitboard comes complete with skinning specific bindings, KOHAL skins and multi-function Crampon tool.

Atomic Fallen Angel and Polarity

Atomic Catalog

Atomic Alibi
Atomic Alibi Wide
Atomic Axum
Atomic Cold Smoke
Atomic Dreamraider
Atomic Exeter
Atomic HatchetAtomic Hatchet WideAtomic Pivot
Atomic Radon
Atomic Radon CT
Atomic Rapture
Atomic Revival
Atomic Terminal
Atomic Triarc
Atomic Vantage

Atomic Fallen Angel
Atomic Polarity
Atomic Tika


Atomic Mighty D
Atomic Tuesday

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  1. Anonymous
    December 09, 2008

    The Presidente Binding can be seen at the Dream raider snowboard scan.

  2. Eli
    February 21, 2011

    I have the Atomic Terminal and it’s great! Have not been up on the mountain, but it’s really good for urban snowboarding. Very good grinding. Very good forgiveness, for turning in the air have not flied with it yet. Nice handling. Fastest speed i went was being towed behind a snowmobile at 30mph. 142mm size. Going to build a half pipe sometime this week. Already have a quarter pipe, works great on it. Go Atomic!