Binding Review: 08-09 Burton Lexa EST

21 Feb, 2008

Location: Keystone, Colorado

Snow Conditions: Overcast and cold with hard packed groomed runs.

Setup: I rode the Burton Lexa EST on the Burton Fix with my Vans Omni Focus size 8.

Time to set up the binding: Definitely longer than reasonable time. I know the EST is supposed to be quick and easy but every demo, the people setting EST bindings…need to be more familiar with it.

Fit: The Lexas fit my boot just fine, at first I thought that toe strap wasn’t centered but that’s the design of it.

First Impression: Finally I can ride a EST binding suited for women that rides with the ICS boards.

Appearance: I like the appearance of the lexa’s this year, the black and white with blue is simple but looks good. I never noticed the little scissors on the toe strap ladders until I looked at the photos later.

Comfort: The lexas are definitely a comfortable binding. I like the changes to the toe strap this year with allowing making it more off-center aligning. The ankle strap is still very comfortable with good cushioning and flex. The canted highback allows you to match the angle of your legs and also rotate the highback.

Functionality: The Lexa EST rides exclusively with the ICS snowboards. Functionality is always there, it remains the solid binding design that the Lexa is but allows for unlimited stance options with the ICS system. The ratchets worked fine, no issues with sticking.

Flex: The mounting system definitely stiffens up the lateral flex of the binding than I remember from last years lexa but I liked it because it made the binding handle better during freeriding and carving. The best part was riding pipe with the bindings, perfect amount of response and flex in the pipe.

Response: I liked the quick response with the lexas paired with the ICS, I had no problems with how the binding handled. The cushioning in the baseplate specifically on the heel made riding impacts a lot less and I had no issues with vibrations at higher speeds on the bindings.

Toe Strap: The lexa features a new “ultra capstrap” for 08-09 which I preferred over last years cap strap which was a bit bulkier. This cap molds off-center over the top of the boot fitting a lot better for non-burton boots.

Overall Impression: Finally with the womens EST bindings I definitely got a better idea of the ICS system on the Burton snowboards. You definitely feel more connected to the snowboard flex as you ride, the lexa is always the epitome of cushion and comfort. It does make riding a lot more fun with you ride without noticing your strapped in. My only gripe is the forward lean but I adjusted the forward lean right off the bat to make it comfortable for me. It remains a binding that you can ride in many conditions, handles the conditions with good flex and support.

Riding the Lexa EST and Fix

Vans Omni Focus in Burton Lexa EST

A look at the Burton Lexa EST without my boot in it
Burton Lexa EST Description
For more information on the Burton Lexa EST go to Burton’s website.

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