Dakine 2008-2009

13 Feb, 2008

It was pretty sweet checking out the new Dakine stuff at SIA. I have a dakine backpack I’ve had for years and definitely it has surpassed its lifespan still holding up strong.

So here’s some photos from SIA

Dakine Pink Plaid Color Collection

Women’s handbags and purses

Men’s Packs:
Top row is Transfer (premier), explorer (red shotgun), scooler (white paris)
Bottom row is Duel (white/white chop shop), outpost (sand canvas), campus-SM (Autumn Plaid)

Collection of Beanies

Dakine Black Chop Shop Collection

Dakine Black Paris Collection

Women’s Packs:
Top row is Girls Heli Pro (Pink Plaid) and Girls Mission (Jade Drops)
Middle row is Girls Heli Pro (Autumn Plaid) and Jewel (Pink Plaid)
Lower row is Girls Heli Pack (White Paris) and Jewel (Fall stripe)

Women’s packs: Middle row is Garden Pack (White Paris), Eden Pack (Fall Stripe), and Wonder Pack (Daisies)

Dakine women’s collection in windowpane (right two) and pink plaid (left two)

Kelly from Shred Betties got this shot of me sporting the sweetest Dakine bandanna in the White Paris color. The white paris has poodles and monster trucks as the design. It comes in white or black for most of the dakine products with that scheme.

Courtesy of Shred Betties

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