Flow Bindings & Boots 2008-2009

06 Feb, 2008

Update 3/20/08: Scroll through the page for the Flow Catalog.

Flow in the last couple years has stepped up their game to compete with strap bindings, making their flow bindings lighter and better quality every year.

I have rode the Flow Essence bindings and reviewed it here

Here is their 2008-2009 Binding line-up

Flow Essence

Flow Flite 1

Flow Flite 2

Flow Flight 3

Flow Flight 4

Flow M7

Flow M9

Flow M11

Flow Minx

Flow Muse




Flow Prima

Flow The Five

Flow Team

And the 2008-2009 Boot line-up

Flow Decade

Flow Lotus (Boa)

Flow Lotus (lace)

Flow Luxe (Focus Boa)

Flow One

Flow One (Focus Boa)

Flow (Lace)

Flow Rift (lace)

Flow Rift (Boa)

Flow Rival (Boa)

Flow Rival (Lace)

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