Rossignol Snowboards 2008-2009

11 Feb, 2008

Checking out the 08-09 Rossignol boards at SIA, I was expecting some big changes but it looks like the line up was definitely perfected in terms of the models that work. Rossignol stepped up to the magne traction market again this year by adding 2 more models with magne traction: Diva Mag and One Mag.

I wish I got a picture of the Jones up close and the base. It’s my favorite Rossignol board and in person with a big mountain on the topsheet and a beach/waves on the base…just is beautiful graphics.

Rossignol Booth

The Mannequin is holding up the J Dub Mag

Hard at work…Chad checking it out. Rossignol Decoy to the right of him

Rossignol always comes stocked with Red Bull…so Chad and I made sure to promote red bull in the Rossignol booth.

Rossignol Boards in this photo from left to right:

Rossignol Meadow (Kids), Scan Blue (Kids), Alias (Kids), Harmony (womens), Zena (womens), Amber (womens), Diva Mag (womens), not sure what the white board is, Storm, and Jones.

Rossignol Boards in this photo from left to right:

Rossignol Scope, Premier, One Mag, Works Decoy, RPM, Retox, Retox, Decoy.

Two boards on side are Retox and Works Decoy

Rossignol Boards in this photo from left to right:

Rossignol Circuit and Contrast (Rental fleets) in the 2 boxes on the left

In the middle is the Rossignol Meadow (leaned up to the left), J Dub Mag in the middle and Mini on the right side.

On the right is the Rossignol Scope and Premier

Future Snowboarding video showing off Rossignol Snowboards

Catalog Photos

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  1. Erik
    March 04, 2008

    That 2009 Rossignol Mini is sick… im going to pick that up as soon as possible for next season, and I suggest you do the same!

  2. Anonymous
    July 16, 2008

    finally the decoy is back in more sizes! i’ll pick up that one!