Santa Cruz Snowboards 2008-2009

09 Feb, 2008

Marking their 20th year making snowboards, Santa Cruz came out strong for SIA. It was great to see them bring out old Santa Cruz boards in the SIA booth, showcasing where they came from. It brought back some great memories to see boards I grew up checking out wishing I could have.

I missed the chance to be at the booth when Chris Roach came by to meet and greet…but from what others said, that experience is something they won’t forget.

In this photo from left to right:

Santa Cruz Perfect 11 TT, Allstar Vato Dato, Rebel, Allstar Vato, Dato, Perfect 11 TT, Fusion TT, and Fusion Park TT (can only see half)
In this photo from left to right:

Santa Cruz Muse, Iouri “i-pod” Podladtchikov Pro TT, Platinum Twinza, Platinum TT, Platinum Duo, Fusion XX anniversary and Allstar XX anniversary
In this picture from left to right:

Santa Cruz Allstar XX Chris Roach Decal*, allstar XX anniversary, Fusion XX anniversary, Platinum Duo, Platinum TT, Platinum Twinza, Gian Simmen Pro TT, Iouri “i-pod” Podladtchikov Pro TT and Muse.

*They brought back Roach’s exact decal job from ’91 (seriously cool to see, the original board is there and the new board with the exact decal job and even made the stomp pad decal).

The collection of past Santa Cruz boards including the Chris Roach snowboard

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  1. peanut
    December 05, 2008

    hy nice text..=D
    i <3 santa cruze too..
    2 weeks ago i buyed the muse.. so its quite new.. 🙂
    sorry for my english i'm from swizerland..

  2. Shayboarder
    December 08, 2008

    Thanks peanut! Awesome congrats on your new purchase!

  3. Nathan G
    October 27, 2009

    I am loving your page lots of great articles. I got the xx allstar snowboard through a swift warranty replacement after my 07 board got damaged. (I was very pleased with the customer service and the recognition of a board fault).
    However due to trouble getting employment i havent been able to ride it ( I live in england so a snwboard trip is even more expensive) Have you ridden one or know anywhere else I can find a review, I’m struggling to find one. Are you going to review any santa cruz snowboards this year?