SIA 2008 Day 4

01 Feb, 2008

Usually I leave SIA by the 3rd day but this year it worked out that I could stick around for most of day 4 and then fly out in the afternoon. In fact as I’m writing this up, I’m enjoying the free wifi at the airport.

Stayed at Excalibur

I took it easy last night so today was a mellow relaxing morning. I still can’t believe how much a starbucks coffee is in Las Vegas compared to the rest of the world. Practically $6 when it’s only $4 back home.

While checking my emails thanks to the free wifi at the convention, I got to talk with a good friend of mine. Eric works for Flow, the guy behind the product designs. He’s a old friend from Hood summer living and it’s always great to see him once a year in Vegas. I told him I didn’t have a photo of the two of us so I finally got one.

Today’s companies that I checked out were Rome, Flow, Rossignol, Capita, Union, Venture, Drake/Northwave, K2, Venture, and Lib Tech.

Today was really mellow, very laid back. Got to say goodbye to friends and just take more pictures of stuff I’ve already checked out.

Chad checking out the killer Rossignol Chad

Chad is an old friend from Washington. He has known me for years and finally I started to get on riding Rossignol boards or else he would have hurt me. We’re getting our red bull on…cause we both needed it.

The guys at K2 are always super nice and definitely I’ve been stoked on K2 gear the last year. Their womens gear is always good and this year they are making a womens auto binding called the agogo (might have spelled that wrong). Highlight at K2 was just hanging out next to Jesse the women’s designer and talking gear.

Here’s me holding up the new womens auto binding.

Elsnowboardo and xkellyx from Kelly runs Shred Betties Magazine.
Throughout SIA I hung out and talked to Johan a couple times. I read his blog daily and talk Steamboat with him since he used to live there. His thoughts on the industry and work with C3 definitely makes me look up to him so I got a photo of us before I took off from SIA. He gave me some pointers on how to keep my camera protected while snowboarding so I’m definitely gonna use that tid bit.

Finally Day 4 of SIA complete.

Look for the blog with pictures of the gear soon.

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