Smokin Snowboards 2008-2009

11 Feb, 2008

Last year was the first year at SIA to check out Smokin Snowboards and this year they came back strong promoting more boards in the line up. I’ve always heard good things about Smokin coming out of Tahoe. I missed them at on-snow but I’m sure I’ll be able to get on them soon.

Smokin KT-22 “The OG”

Smokin’s longest running board in the line and available in magne traction up to a 172cm

Smokin M.I.P, Superpark and KT-22

Smokin M.I.P and Superpark

The Minor in Posession is the new twin blunt shovel with magne traction. A jib board with a friendly price tag.

I didn’t get any photos of the Smokin Vixen. But for 08-09 it is updated with a new twin shape and slightly directional flex. Also available in magne traction. Missed the Smokin Pinner which is Smokin’s new big board for 08-09 rocking taper and setback this board is meant for deep powder.

Heard about Mike Basich’s Smokin Reuse which offers recycled material and wood from a down tree on Mike’s property. The boards are made to order with no over stock.

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