Steamboat 2/19/08

19 Feb, 2008

I woke up today with bluebird clear skies knowing that I would be out enjoying the sun later. Great way to start the day!

By the time I hit up the mountain it was beautiful and warm. I overdressed a bit but luckily I have vents on my jacket and pants so got a good breeze going through.

Park was pretty busy so I made a couple laps in the halfpipe to warm up for the day.

Headed over to Thunderhead to meet up with Scott a co-worker to ride together. We hit up Sundown and sunshine chairs to ride some more mellow freeriding terrain but had some fun hitting the sides of the runs with jumps.

It was my second day out on the Never Summer Premier F1, so really just getting used to it and riding it in different conditions.

My shadow riding

Since it was so warm out today, I was able to take out my POW Shocker gloves! Totally love the days when I get to ride with them.

I accidentally took this photo but I really like it just cause it shows how blue it is outside and the sun. My jacket totally matched the sky today!

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