Steamboat 2/23/08

23 Feb, 2008

Since there was no new snow on the mountain, today was a late start day to riding. I didn’t make it to the mountain till 12:30 but once I got to the mountain ran into friends either going in or just starting the day so it worked out very well.

I ran into my friend Pete at the base so we headed up the mountain to make some turns. The top of the gondola looked like this. Total fog and you couldn’t see that far ahead of you.

Since lower mountain was still clear, we headed down to ride halfpipe for the day rather than deal with fog and tourists.

Pete is new to the pipe but I got this shot of him coming down.

While upper mountain remained fogged in, lower mountain cleared up and the sun started to shine on the terrain park for the day.

Today was a new feature in the terrain park, a wall ride up against a tree. It looked like a lot of fun, I hit it once and then realized it went straight up so a lot harder to ride up onto it when your board flexes up 90 degrees. No one was hitting up for the day which explains a lot.

The end of the day came pretty quick, made last laps on the Bashor chair lapping halfpipe until closing at 4pm then headed to Slopeside to enjoy a pitcher of Newcastle to finish off the day.

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