Steamboat 2/25/08

25 Feb, 2008

Finally got a storm last night that we’ve been needing for a while. Today was a soft powder day by afternoon. Not many people on the mountain today with it being overcast most of the day.

I made my way out for the Nastar Race with co-workers. This year we wear tuxedo t-shirts during races. We look very dressed up for the occasion, I can’t help but laugh when I’m wearing a tuxedo t-shirt over my snowboard jacket.

This is my first year doing the Nastar course on the mountain so still getting used to racing around the flags on my snowboard. To compete in the Nastar course you have to wear a helmet, so this is when I get to wear my Burton RED helmet.

One of the more serious racers

I do the races for fun…I do not sport any type of spandex and I wear my regular snowboard gear while riding my regular snowboard. Today was the Never Summer Lotus.

After the races, we hit up the halfpipe. Since we got snow last night, today’s halfpipe riding was a mixture of powder and ice. It was completely empty as was most of the terrain park today.

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