Steamboat 2/28/08

28 Feb, 2008

I managed to get out of the office today and hit up the mountain for my 60th day on snow. Another sunny day with nobody on the mountain.

I made the lap around the mountain, headed to Sundown, then hit up Morningside, then down to Storm Peak and then finally making my way down to the terrain park.

Pointed the camera behind me and caught my snow spraying up

It was a fun day but definitely riding with others would have made it better. Harder during the week to find people to ride with when you pick the time to hit the mountain.

Conditions were harder packed on top where it remains cold throughout the day. Lower mountain is definitely warmer and slushier conditions by the afternoon.
The terrain park is always fun even though it’s not the best park. Even still…there’s always locals mid week ripping it up and you can check everyone out on the Bashor chairlift.

Working on the goggle tan in style

One new feature in the park today, new rail on the side of the quarterpipe. If it’s hard to notice it in the picture, it’s on the left of the snowboarder in the middle of the photo

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