Steamboat 2/29/08

29 Feb, 2008

It is spring in Steamboat. The sun is out constantly, the slush is coming out on the lower mountain and my jacket got changed out for my sunny spring jacket.

I managed to make it out on the snow today, just headed straight to the halfpipe to close out the afternoon and ride till the lifts closed.

A look at the larger tabletops
Boardercross Course got changed up again with bigger jumps to ride over.

Friday afternoons are great in the pipe since it’s mostly locals. Got to ride up the chair with a couple guys I knew around town including Andrew who also sports the Shocker gloves. Today we were shocker buddies.

Shockerific View

Definitely the best way to end out the work week is by riding in the sun. We’re supposed to get a storm this weekend so we’ll see how tomorrow goes here at Steamboat before I head down to ride summit county on Sunday.

I got the Premier F1 back from Jakub who had a pretty hard landing on the board. He heard a crack but the board didn’t snap, only his technine baseplates. Totally snapped in half from his landing.

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    February 29, 2008

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  2. remake
    February 29, 2008

    There is not much snow in my country but I’ve skied(?) sometimes in the pirineus! Loved It!Love mountains and snow!

    great pictures!loved it!

  3. Shayboarder
    March 04, 2008

    Thanks! Glad you enjoy the pics!