Stepchild Snowboards 2008-2009

11 Feb, 2008

Update 6/16/08: Posted the link to the whole 08-09 Stepchild Catalog PDF Version at the very bottom of the page.

Briefly stopped by Stepchild at SIA to check out their snowboards. Stepchild this year introduced the Jib Stick that has RET (round edge tuning from tip to tail) and 6mm of rocker/reverse camber. I didn’t get a photo of the snowboard however.

Here’s some photos.

Checking out their booth

In this photo from left to right:

Stepchild Latchkey Twin, Jib Stick, Powder Sucks (2 of them), Simon Chamberlin, Jib Stick and Powder Sucks.

Stepchild Jib Stick on the right. In the background on the right propped up is the Stepchild Corporate.

Stepchild Simon Chamberlin and JP Walker
A glimpse at Stepchild from Transworld Business 08′

Stepchild Catalog

Check out the 08-09 Stepchild Catalog here

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  1. geoff
    February 13, 2008

    Shay, thanks for all the snowboarding info. I’d love to know more about Stepchild for 2009. What else do you have that you can share?

  2. Shayboarder
    February 13, 2008

    Thanks Geoff,
    I’ll let you know when I get more info. I didn’t spend that much time at Stepchild so that’s all I have right now.

  3. Andy
    July 17, 2008

    I’m pretty stoked on the graphics for JP’s or Simon’s pro mods and want to get one of them but don’t know how they ride. are they worth buying?

  4. Shayboarder
    July 17, 2008

    I haven’t rode a Stepchild yet, definitely getting out there more and they seem like really fun rides. I’m hoping this year to try out some of their boards but it’s hard to find them at demos.

  5. Anonymous
    August 07, 2008

    when does the jib stick come out its sick!!!!!

  6. Shayboarder
    October 30, 2008